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Ram Council Discusses Healthy Decisions

The Ram Council Foundation, a nonprofit for New Canaan teens that promotes substance-free living and healthy decision making, is hosting an education forum for parents and teens Thursday, Nov. 29, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in the Wagner room at New Canaan High School.

Dr. Stephen Dewey of NYU Psychiatry and director of research of the Seafield Center will share his expertise about the adolescent brain, teens and decision making. He will speak in terms that both teens and parents can receive the information and then allow for plenty of time for a group discussion.

New Canaan attorney Matthew Maddox will provide opening remarks, touching on how positive decisions not only can protect teenagers, but also provide a strong foundation for life.

“The Ram Council Foundation is very excited to have these superb experts provide current information that can support parents with their parenting and teens to stay on a positive healthy path,” said Joyce Sixsmith, President, Ram Council Foundation.

Newport Academy continues to be the main sponsor of the Ram Council Foundation with Bankwell as the leading local sponsor.

To obtain more information about the forum or make a donation to Ram Council Foundation email Sixsmith at or visit

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