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Photo: Henry Asker


The Ram Council is a nonprofit organization -- based out of New Canaan -- that provides two groups; high school students 9th-12th graders and a 7th - 8th grade group (RAM JR) an avenue to substance-free activities, healthy alternatives to substance abuse, and an opportunity to build leadership skills through hosting educational forums. With an active membership, teens know that they’re making a difference in their community, and have the confidence to make healthy decisions.


To enable teens in the New Canaan area to live out substance free lives by discovering the Power of Prevention.


The Ram Council provides an avenue for teens who don’t want to engage in underage drinking, or experiment
with drugs.


We are a community where teens can explore substance-free activities, healthy alternatives to substance abuse, and gain leadership skills.


The Ram Council meets monthly in New Canaan or on Zoom to discuss and develop various projects and educational forums on substance abuse prevention and other healthy decision making for teens. They are most known for their monthly substance free activities which have include beach nights, a pool party, movie nights, bowling, luncheons, dinners, etc. There is an active parent component where parents volunteer along side of the student members at all events, fundraisers, etc. Come be a part of this exciting movement for New Canaan teens!

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